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Sometimes I wonder why I feel so lonely, like I don’t understand. I’m not actually lonely but I feel so absolutely alone sometimes, then I met him and its weird because now I don’t get that feeling now, but its like he’s the only one, like there’s no one else and I don’t understand how he can chase away the feeling that’s been with me for my whole life. Its like he’s always been a part of me and I just needed to find him again and I don’t know why but there’s nothing that scares me about him, not when he tells me that I’m beautiful and sexy and cute and that he loves me, not when he describes to me things he wants to do to me (“things”), he’s just so safe and warm… like I feel like I could wrap myself up in his arms and never leave them because they’re safe and secure and I don’t feel like I’ll be strangled there. Why am I like this? I’m so helpless and weak and he just makes me feel more so but at the same time he makes me feel like I can do anything just because he believes I can and I love him so so much my heart feels like its being jump-started again because how long has it been since I’ve actually felt comfortable with someone? Have I ever really felt comfortable with anyone? I don’t know this feeling of wanting to be wrapped up in him, of wanting to always be close to him, I don’t know this feeling of wanting to wake up in the morning next to him and being able to study his sleeping features just because he’s there and he’s mine and I don’t want to go anywhere because how could I? How could I when I seem to have found the most gentle, kind, caring person in the world who understands my darkness and embraces it igniting every inch that threatens to swallow me up and lose me to eternal sadness and suffering because I can’t keep together my heart and my mind because who will betray me next, who will leave next? He feels like the only sure thing in my life and he’s thousands of miles away but I still can’t fall asleep without looking at his face and wanting to kiss him so badly just to make sure he is real and not something my mind made up to keep me sane. He’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted and I can’t help but think that he’s not real because how can someone so amazing be mine? How can someone like him love me? Because all I am is sadness and yet he somehow still finds the small bit of childish joy that I somehow kept all these years of never really smiling because I forgot how, or maybe I never knew to begin with.
Just some late night thoughts 
What happened to me?
What happened to the me with the thick steel coated lead walls around my heart?
The me who’d disregard other’s feelings for that sake of the truth
What happened to the me who’d never tell you what was wrong, no matter how much you pried?
What happened to the me that could wake up in the morning and not wish with every fiber of her being that she hadn’t?
What happened to the me who didn’t care who liked her?
Where did all the inspiration for writing and drawing go?
What happened?

I want my heart’s armor back
I want the me who would make things awkward just because it was amusing
I want my patience and old ways back
I miss the old me

Where’s the girl who wanted to go outside, who wanted to hang out with friends all summer long?
Where’s the girl who never spoke to her crushes because she liked them better from afar?
Where’s the girl who would wait and watch someone before she considered them interesting?
Where’s the girl who made herself scary to keep away those who’d use her?
Oh God where is she?
Where’s the girl who never needed anyone? Who cried anyways when she thought she’d be alone forever
Where are you?

Why’d things end up like this?
Why’d things have to hurt so much?
Why’d things break apart?
No… I know why…

Its not because some boy broke my heart
Its because someone wormed their way into my heart and tore me apart from the inside
Its because someone I called my ‘sister’ betrayed me
Its because I couldn’t see the blindfold my ‘friend’ put over my eyes
Its because I realized too late what was happening
What a terrible mistake that was
Its because I broke before the turmoil was over
Because when I made my ‘sister’ leave, she took most of me with her

Now it’s all bittersweet memories
Now it’s all regrets
Now it’s all a sad realization that nothing’s coming back
Now it’s all in my head

Do you live like this?
What happened?
Wrote this late one night when i started thinking too much
Denmark x Depressed!Fem!Reader
They don’t know, no one can know how weak I am… right? He definitely can’t know that I’m so weak. I’m a wreak on the inside, lonely and broken, so sad, and so many words unspoken. I can never say anything… right?
The hard wood floor is cold against my back… so is the blade of the knife that lies beside me. My skin still unbroken, I could never actually do it. I’ve tried and tried to just end everything. I’m tired of the lonely insomniac nights, I’m tired of the ache in my heart, the ache that longs for someone to know… yet how can I tell them?
In a sudden fit of anger I grabbed the knife and pressed the tip into my breast, just above my heart, but yet still not hard enough to split my skin.
Frustrated, I’m so frustrated and angry. I can’t hear anything, and the tears are streaming down my cheeks. I know my phone's ringing on the other side of the living room, but I can’t even hear it, who would even call? Who would call such a broken woman?
I sit there, tears streaming down my cheeks, knife pressed into the soft tender flesh above my heart, nearly ready to slice the delicate organ apart, and I’m so angry all I hear is white noise.
And then a voice breaks through, and I’m so scared.
“(Name)?” It asks, shocked not expecting what it’s seeing. I know its Mathias, I don’t have to look to know its him. I can hear him approaching me slowly.
In a sudden jolt of both fear and embarrassment (mostly fear), the knife slips out of my grasp. It clangs to the floor between my thighs. The second it stops moving its gone, he’s already slid it across the room and down the hall, and his arms are around me in and instant.
He’s shaking, but he’s not crying, he’s scared… scared for me. I’m scared too. Choked sobs that I’ve been holding so long scream out. I’m clutching the back of his shirt so hard I feel like my hands will break. He doesn’t say anything, he just kneels there, knees on either side of my right thigh, his arms around me, my arms around his torso and my face pressed into his shoulder just above his heart. Its beating so fast, but I still can’t stop crying.
I don’t feel so lonely in this moment, here in his arms. I’m so weak, I start apologizing to him over and over. I’m shaking so much, but my grip on his shirt never falters. I beg him to forgive me in a sea of apologies.
“Its okay,” he whispers calmly. He moves over to my side, settling himself against the wall, taking me into his lap. I still haven’t lifted my face from his shoulder, but my grip of his shirt lessens.
All of the lonely thoughts I’ve hidden indie of me suddenly come bubbling out. I told him everything, and cried until my tears dried up. He listened to every word I said. Though he was silent, which was unusual for him.
We sat there for what seemed like hours. His arms wrapped loosely around my waist, and my face pressed into his shoulder, sitting in silence almost unmoving aside from his thumb rubbing circles into the small of my back.
“Why?” he finally spoke in a hushed voice. “Why would you feel like that? You know that I’m always here… there’s no need to feel so lonely.”
“Mathias…” I whispered so quietly I don’t even think he heard me. He unwound his arms from me, and brought his hands to my shoulders. He gently pushed me back and looked deeply into my eyes as I stared back with my bloodshot ones. He smiled, a small smile that almost wasn’t there and he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
“(Name), you don’t need to worry anymore, I’m always here for you…” Mathias said, his smile growing a bit more and it was so sincere and loving I could have melted. I nodded, a small smile reaching my lips. He shifted me off of his lap and stood up, his hands sliding down my arms and grasping my hands, pulling me up with him.
It’s dark now, I couldn’t see anything, but I knew that he was leading me to my bedroom, his fingers interlaced with my own. I climbed into my soft bed snuggling myself into the sheets, Mathias following behind me. He wrapped his long arms around me and pulled me closer, I could feel his soft breathing in my hair. I was content, the loneliness now gone, and I was warm. My ear pressed against his chest, I closed my eyes and let the song of his heartbeat lull me to sleep.
Settling a Lonely Heart
I thought that it was time to post this, I wrote it awhile ago and I've been meaning to post it. Hope that its no too sad


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I love anime, and I really love to write, read, paint, and draw!

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